Trending Styles to Keep You in Vogue

Style is all about fashion and trends that make you look stylish and glamorous all the time. Style is a permanent thing that keeps changing with the change in the fashion world. Style is rather a way to express yourself through what you wear, how your makeup and do your hair. In fact, it is a unique form of arranging your appearance. Style is more about being comfortable and getting adapted to the innate capability of being confident and charismatic. You should always wear your style in your pockets.

Add a hint of pop up colours to your eyelids

With the changing style and fashion, it is obvious to add a dash of neon or any pop-up colours to your eyes. In this era of the fashion world, you will probably love to play with colours on your eyes. Ranging from different shades of red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, etcetera, there are many more on the count.
To look more dramatic and phenomenal, you can mix and match your colours to bring out that playful look. In fact, to add more charm to it, you can also apply metallic neon colours that enhance your eyes further. And to shine more, you can add liquid glitter neon eye shadows that can make you glow all the more.

Update your eyebrow-Drobe

Thick black eyebrows have always ruled the fashion world until now when everyone has updated their style by experimenting with different types of eyebrows. To update your sense of style, you can apply some tinge of colour to your brows. You can dye your brows with pink, blue, orange, etcetera, as you wish to like. You can also add a splash of rainbow colours to make them more noticeable.

One can also give many shapes to their brows. You can have a fishtail eyebrow, where all you have to do is just section the end of your eyebrow into two just like the tail of a fish. You can also make a scribble eyebrow by using wax to give it an illusion and can also make it into a feather by simply parting the brow from the middle and waxing the hairs in either direction.

Glittery mascara for dramatized eyes

With bold and black eyes once ruling the fashion world, it has now got very boring. And with this, the glittery mascara has come to the limelight now. In order to mark your style, add some glittery and colourful mascara to your boring eyelashes. You can also add some stones or jewels to your eyelashes to make them look more stylish and elegant. This will highlight your eyelashes and make them look thicker and denser. This will indeed add volume to your eyelashes and give them a dramatized look.

Taupe eye pencil liner

Kohl black eyes have always been in demand as they tend to enlarge your eyes and make them look bold and beautiful. But they can actually make your eyes look boring and tired at times. Therefore, to make them more precise and to let them open wide, you can add a hint of white or taupe eyeliner on your lower waterline to open your eyes and make them look even fuller. While white eye pencils suit fair skin tones more, for dark or whitish skin colour, taupe is the most popular choice. You can either line your lower waterline with a taupe eye pencil and finish it with a black liner on the lower lash line or else, you can also apply a dark brown eye shadow on the lower lash line after using the taupe colour to highlight your eyes.Lip gloss- back with a bang Long ago was a time when young girls were into applying lip glosses other than colourful or bold lipsticks. But eventually, the trend got faded away, but now it has again got back with a bang. You can easily make your lips shine and glow by adding a dash of gloss on your lips. You can either apply it over a lipstick or a lip balm or even a lip tint if it is a transparent gloss. But now lip glosses are also available with tints which not only add shine on your lips but also give colour to your lips.For a bolder and more charismatic look, you can also apply pop up metallic coloured lipsticks and lip glosses. It will add more life to your lips.

Want to shout, make a pout

Pouty lips or fuller lips are a new trend that every girl is going gaga over. In order to get such lips naturally without going under the knife or going through painful injections, you can always use a lip polish or a lip gel that can naturally make your lips full by irritating your lips to such an extent that they make your lips look plump as if a bee has stung them. It is a very short term but effective way of achieving fuller lips.

You can also use suctions to achieve your pout perfect lips. They increase the blood flow in your lips and make them blush naturally beautifully with increased size and colour. But do not forget to use it for a longer time or else it might get you the look of having being stung by several bees’ multiple times.

The Messy Hair Don’t Care Look

Though the title suggests that messy hair does not care, but it actually does not mean so. It obviously means that even though it is messy hair, please do care. Messy hair is quite in fashion and demand now as it has always been so. One can easily go for a messy bun for a casual day look. Just simply tie your hair into a top bun and style it with a pair of loose jeans or dresses.

You can also leave your messy hair open and long to bring out the best in your look. This gives a very casual yet very stylish look. Also, you can sprinkle some water in your hair and wrap it with an old t-shirt of yours and keep it that way overnight, and in the morning when you open your hair will have messy yet very natural and beautiful curls. Just keep them loose and leave them the way they are, and you are ready to rock the world.