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There is no definitive definition of what beauty is. In fact, beauty is something that still lies undefined. While some say beauty is a comfort, good skin, and sharp features, others say beauty is all about good health, proper height, and figure. Therefore, beauty is basically all of these for different people. Probably, that is why it is rightly said that ‘’beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”.

Proper skincare

Before you consider looking beautiful, you must make sure that you have radiant and glowing skin. And to achieve so, it is a must to follow proper skincare routines. The secret behind beautiful and glowing skin is that you love and take care of your skin is a holy manner. And to preach for good skin, one should at least follow the basic rules of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing (CTM) twice daily, even at your busiest time.

 And if you can manage some more time for yourself then you can try and follow the ten steps of Korean skincare which includes, oil cleansing, foam or cream cleansing, scrubbing, face pack, toner, emulsion, face serum, sheet mask, eye cream or gel, moisturiser or night gel or cream and sunscreen, only for the day.

Healthy skin and body

To look beautiful, it is essential that you have a healthy body and skin from inside. And to remain healthy, one should have proper healthy food habits and exercise regularly. If you eat right and stay fit, you are bound to feel and look right. To lead a life full of beauty, do exercise or yoga daily, practice sports and play games and eat correctly and drink much water. Include more green vegetables in your diet and cut out junk and oily food from your life. You will automatically look beautiful. 

Comforting clothes and shoes

It is very important that you wear beautiful and comforting clothes and shoes according to time, season, and occasion. To look good and beautiful, one must choose their clothing and shoes very wisely. Trendy clothes and shoes with matching makeup and accessories complete the total look and turn you into a beautiful diva.

Makeup is Your Friend

It is a myth that only high-end products can give you the best party-ready appearance. To look the most glamorous among all put on the right makeup and choose your perfect shade of any suitable brand of your choice. 

After your basic skincare starts with your primer without which your makeup would not come out the way you want to. Then apply some corrector and concealer, followed by foundation and a loose setting powder to set your makeup. You can then move on to making your perfect eyebrows and eyes with adding pops of colors on your eyelids and finishing off with eyeliner and more mascara to your eyelashes.  You can either use black or put colored liner and mascara to add some fun and drama to your eyes. Meanwhile, contour or bronze your jawline and cheekbones. Add in some hint of blush or tint to your face for those perfect blushed rosy cheeks. Then add some highlighter on your cheeks, nose, Cupid’s bow, etc. And to end your look, wear a nice lipstick and finish off with a setting spray. And now you are good to go for anything and everything.

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