How do us Apply Concealers with Perfection and give the face an Illusional Lift.

Over the years I have seen so many changes in placing the concealers on the right place just to enhance the features the well and give a perfect Airbrush finish to face the but most of the techniques dint quiet look good in reality especially when taken photographs those white patches under the eyes looked hideous and cakey.
But recently all of us as in influencers and makeup artist have adopted a technique that not only looks good on Camera but also in real. Let me take you through it, few steps and you will be a pro at it.
1) Take a Concealer that suits your skin tone well it must few shades lighter depending on your tone (Remember we are talking about Concealers and not Skin Correctors)
2) Place the Concealer either after you apply your Foundation or before you apply the Foundation.
3) Apply the Concealer on the inner corner of your eyes going downwards.
4) Then apply the Concealer on the outer Corner of the eyes going upwards to the tip of the eyebrows.
5) Apply it straight from the nose down to the corner of the mouth; a Line would do because we are going to blend it out anyway.

6)Then goes a Line from the outer Corner of the mouth straight towards the ear lobe just following the hollows of the cheeks, make sure it is under the hollows and not over the hollows of the cheeks. This way you get a clean space between the jawline and the Contour that you must have placed by now on the hollows of the cheeks.
7) This step is optional you can also place some concealer on the bridge of the nose, gives the nose a good shape.
8) Now use a Damp beauty blender just to blend out all the Concealer well, I prefer using a liquid Concealer to a Cream one as it’s easy to blend thick concealers compared to creams. Blend it all well into the skin, your hand should not rub off the concealer rather should dab it into the skin. After you blend it well and all the products are placed well on the skin the next step is to pat some lose powder over the concealer, this way the concealer wont crease much but after few hours a little pat is required.
There you go that is how we Makeup Artist/ Influencers use our concealers to give a lift to our face and it also do not look clumsy or cakey.
Some of my Favourite Concealers are:
1) Dior Glow Skin Correct Concealer
This is my favourite concealer, and it has been for a while now super thick product, and the coverage is simply Awesome!
2) Bobbi Brown:
My next Super Favourite one again it is thick and glides easily onto the Skin and blends quick.
3)Nars: This was my very first concealers that I fell in love with as it just did its job well.
4)Maybelline: Among all the other drug store brands I prefer using Maybelline simply because it does everything that rest does but at a good price, I only find it difficult sometimes to find shades that match my skin.
I hope the above makeup tips will be useful to you as it has to me and I have been using this technique for some time now. If you use the concealer before applying the foundation this technique will surely help too. Also picking up the right shade of concealer makes a big difference. So next time you know the Concealer should be few shades lighter than your skin tone.

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