Perfect Eyes with False Lashes and major problems solved

It is not very easy to select the right type of lashes sometimes they don’t fit and sometimes it is too long in length, so what do we do here? How do we get that perfect magazine lashes for ourselves, well to be honest I can tell you how to pick the right lashes and how to make it fit on your own lash line?
First, we need to pick a steady type of lashes that do not move I mean the band should be a bit thick trust me on this as I have tried many lashes that irritated me to the core just after few minutes of wearing it. I swore to myself if ever I design lashes of my own; I am going to have the band a bit thicker so that it hugs the natural lash line without causing any irritation even after hours of wearing it. That is why “Farlie Solomons Lashes” all have extremely flexible bands and thick so that it just doesn’t move away from the lash line.

What to do if the band is longer than the length of our natural Lash Line?
What I generally does it trim the start of the lashes depending on the length of the lash line I avoid trimming the ends because they are beautiful, and all designed to add volume of lift to the eyes. So the best way is taking a pair of scissors and just trim the start of the band even if you have to chop few strands of lashes is fine.
How do I Pick the lashes that will look good on me? Gosh I am in a mess, what if I buy the wrong pair of lashes?
Well, I am here to Solve that issues too, all you must do is stand in front of the mirror and check the outer corner of your eyes, Check if they are droopy or lifted.
If they are droopy then you need to pick up a pair of False Lashes that has more volume on the outer sides that will give you a lift and more makes your eyes look lifted. There are many styles that you could pick from “Farlie Solomons Lashes” to add that lift.
If you don’t have droopy outer corners then you need volume mostly, you could pick any false eye lashes that has volume again mostly starting from the mid-section extending towards the end of the lashes “Farlie Solomons “Lashes in the styles “BadA$$” is perfect to get that volume.
How Should I pick my Glue to apply false Lashes?
There are so many brands available in the market in black and clear glue, I prefer picking up the clear glue as it does not show any traces of glue once applied with the false eyelashes.
I trust mostly glues that are made in Japan. Especially where I live its easily available.
All you have to do it is applying the glue on the band (That’s where the thick band comes handy) spread the glue evenly from the start to end and for few seconds just fan the band so that the glue settles well. After that focus on the mid-section of the eyes that where you need to place the false eyelashes first so that you know how to fit the band it gives you a fair judgement where exactly should the false lashes start and end and in case you find it long just trim the start point of the false eyelashes, but also try measuring before applying the glue it makes it much easier.
Hope I have answered to all your Questions about False Eyelashes 😊

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