I always wanted to be an artist though I have always been a creative person.Colors attract me and playing with it takes me to a different level of satisfaction.That is one of the reasons I entered the film industry as a CG artist for 9 years.When I moved to Hongkong the itch of utilizing my skills came to a Standstill on how and where should I use my creativity, it was like an itch that dint have a remedy for some time until one day while going through YouTube I came across an artist who had amazing skills

I began watching various shows on TV just to understand how different artist used their skills on different faces and skin tones.My head was like dunkid into this world that fascinated me and I was glad I enrolled myself in a makeup school and I did learn some basic makeup, but I had more to offer and I knew much more than what i was learning I wanted to show every girl who thought makeup was a challenge, but it is actually not once you understand a face well it is not complicated unless you want to make it.And then after practicing well the second stage was to show..but where?

Since I was CG artist that skill pretty much came to my rescue and then I decided to start my own YouTube channel which was Kinda difficult as to what I thought because I had to do everything from scratch but when I finally managed I am still at it and then I opened Instagram and my Facebook page.

The third stage after all that I wanted to introduce to the world a little bit more so I decided to launch my own beauty line starting from the basic that every girl wants it at a reasonable price, all I wanted to do is produce something A grade but provide it at an affordable price And finally it is here I hope my videos have been helpful to everyone right for the ones who have just started to use makeup

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