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Stay Fashion pro with go-getter eyelashes.

When hour clock of fashion needs a change and every second tempts you to try new; click on hard and shop for our go-getter eyelashes. Designed to make your look interim, the criss cross feature of eyelashes will totally make you stand out of the crowd. Comfortable as your own, these false eyelashes will keep you going for dawn to dusk look. Whether you want to groove into party or make special appearance for any events; these long lasting eyelashes will never let you down with anything. The exclusively designed lashes are perfect to burn that stage and do different something every day.

Fashion is all about loving you and trying out something new every day. Every fairy on this earth deserves to be different and glamorous. To make your appearance special one for grand occasions, parties or events, it’s always false lashes that will keep your appearance most distinctive one.

Eye makeup is always about trying out something new every day, therefore our latest designed lashes will give you that is straight out of princesses tale look in just minutes. Even if you have small natural lashes but still if you are craving for voluminous look; the right quotient is try out false lashes. Mind boggling part of lashes is that they are completely cruelty free and Vegan.

Easy to wear they are as similar as natural look. The innovative technique doesn’t harm the natural lashes. Long lasting nature brings to you perfect power blend of intensity and voluminous look in just minutes. The soft made technique gives wearer to trim or curl according to eye length. The soft quality material of lashes doesnt harms natural skin or your natural lashes.

Designed for interim fashionistas they add right volume of bluing to attire with false eyelashes. Our False eyelashes are sure to give your make up look more attractive and fashionable.

The false eyelashes are perfect even if you wish to step up beyond the edge and level up your eye makeup look. These lashes are completely harm free to your natural lashes and could be trusted well for everyday look.

Our lashes are intricate even if you want to have great professional look in just minutes. Soft lashes but you can easily apply mascara or eyeliner to your needs.  You can easily combine these lashes with your variety of wardrobe. The length of eyelashes is perfect even for people who have large eyes as it can cover up maximum area. It is must have fashion accessory for modern women who is bold and love experimenting something different. This pair of lashes comes in box to avoid any dirt and giving you clean lashes right at your doorsteps.

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