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Chin up high like a fashion boss with our new style workaholic lashes. Our lashes Curate fullest and voluminous eye- look in just minutes. Easy to apply this pair of lash style will complement your formal look.

Believe it or not eyelashes are inevitable in attracting attention of onlookers. The workaholic female’s don’t like to waste time in choking up that extra mascara and doing curls with instruments, they leave the job best to fake lashes.

When you apply our lashes it’s completely eye friendly and doesn’t hurt your skin. Made from new technique and cruelty free processes, you can keep it up for all your morning to late evening meet looks.

As our lashes are eye friendly it will not harm your natural lashes thus to your fullest advantage you can use them anywhere and anytime. We believe in delivering customer neat product thus our lashes come with box to avoid any kind of dirt.

Whenever you are all set to do your eye makeup don’t apply too much of mascara on the top, as Fake lashes are built up to give you that extra edgy volume. With fake lashes you could be sure of getting that extra dramatic impact even when you are intending to go for that heavy or sticking to that Smokey eye impact looks.

Stay it on like a fashion boss with Workaholic lashes

It is a promise that when you try false workaholic lashes you just cannot resist yourself from looking into mirror. Stunningly designed different, our eyelashes are perfect to add glamorous style in everyday look. When you are put on this pair of lashes they are beyond perfect to level up your eye makeup look. Just like natural, when you team in on be prepared for that Babe look.

These lashes are perfect to add dimensional effect to your eye look. The width of lashes look like natural then too if you desire to trim it you could do so. Compelling style of lenses will be mate throughout the day and light weight nature allows keeping it on from dawn to dusk. Your light weight lashes are perfect to stand out from the crowd.

Simple to use and if you want to add up more comfort to your everyday look then these lashes are the most stunning thing to pair on. If you want a captivating look with that extra edgy element of style our pair of lens will never let you down. Long with stay on capacity, you can easily rely upon them for important day, presentation or business meets. These lash completely made from vegan processes save you from being guilty about anything. Pairing it up will always fulfill your desire of having long lashes just like real.

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