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Be stupendously hot with Slay Lashes!

Even Cinderella was convinced with the idea of false lashes for attending ball. If you are fascinated with the idea of gifting yourself a changed look everyday then it’s imperative to make your investment with false eyelashes. Curates perfect modern look that you desire with soft bristle. The false lashes Perfect to wink it on for that minimal eye makeup look. To make your fashion statement complete it is important to have good eyelashes. Aesthetic techniques and modern designs used in false eyelashes will be pro mate to make your eye makeup look more complete and distinctive.

Right from the user who have never used to pro experts of fashion, these false eyelashes is easy to apply and worthy at every point of time to give you that glamorous look in minutes. Soft material and completely lightweight brings to you that ultimate confidence of carrying them on for happy hours to lavish party looks. Our Slay lash is perfect balance of intensity, fuller and gives you that voluminous looks in minutes. After application of lashes you get a bigger and brighter look. Our lashes are designed for fashion lovers who admire to look natural yet the sexiest one at the same time. We have always strived upon the motto of being different; therefore we always design lashes that are vegan and cruelty free. Our part of lashes could seamlessly blend well with your natural lashes very easily. These lashes are perfect to give you ultra-feminine look in minutes. Team on our slay lashes and be natural yet hold on power of being futuristic today.

When you team on lashes they give you ultimate confidence to look different and stand out from the crowd. The lashes are easy to use individually or you could even stake it up for heavy eye makeup look. Soft in nature; these lashes could be completely trimmed as per your fashion needs or easily can be curled upon. Dark in appearance, these lashes are perfect mate even if you don’t desire to have that extra load of mascara. If you’re this year mantra is to stay on confident in every appearance, then we are perfect to render well to your needs. Our lashes come to you in a box thus protecting them from dust. If they are applied on properly you can reapply them multiple times as you want.

As they are harm free to your natural skin you could completely rely on them for natural and everyday look. Our beautiful addition will easily enhance your dreamy eye look. These lashes are easily suitable for any size eyes very effortlessly. Our pair of false lashes is perfect even if you are looking out to boost your lashes length.

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