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How did we start using Olive Oil?

It has always been a Yes/No kind of thing when it comes to if olive benefits hair growth or not? For me I Personally feel Olive Oil with Vitamin E does help in hair growth now I may be wrong, or it might be different to different people or hair texture …maybe? But according to my personal experience and hair care I have been using this tip for a very long long time now.And I would love to share it with many of you.

So many people have been using Olive Oil for Thousands and Thousands of years for home remedies and I just cannot simply stop talking how such a simple ingredient can do wonders. The application of olive oil is amazingly simple but beneficial to all hair types. It goes back in the years when olive oil was used for so many things and it contributes to an extreme to help hair growth. It is also believed that the women in ancient time in Greece used Olive oil to condition their Hair and that is where it probably came from.

How is Vitamin E Useful?

Vitamin E helps the body cells to regenerate. It is known to benefit skin and helps hair Growth.

And when we combine Olive Oil and Vitamin E together it is one powerful Potion that is easily available and the cheapest remedy for hair growth.

Did you know olive Oil with Vitamin E Capsules together can-do wonders, Yes! The steps are simple, and the ingredients are just 2 and it does not come as a surprise that this potion can make your hair thick and grow fast, I apply this on my lashes, eyebrows, and my hair, it has worked well with me, so I thought why not share it with you.

1)The first Step is taking a clean bowl.

2)Next add some pure organic olive oil and warm it up a bit, I usually warm it in the microwave but could warm it also directly on the stove in a vessel.

3)And then take 2 Vitamin E capsules and break it into the oil.

4)Squeeze the capsule well into the oil.

5)Throw away the plastic residue of the capsule.

6)Apply it on the Scalp or eyebrows or eyelashes.

If you are doing this at night, then I will suggest you tie your head with a scarf like a cotton one not the silk ones as Olive oil is quite a cooling oil.

If you are applying it During the day the I would suggest plaiting your hair and wash it after at least 5-6 hours allowing the oil to totally absorb into the hair and scalp.

With our busy Schedules in our life, it becomes almost impossible to take goo care of our skin and hair and all we do is just say” We don’t have the Time “but with few efforts and time like 15 minutes to self-care will give you results in the coming year. One main reason for hair loss at early age is when we do not take care of it at the beginning.

So it is best to use the right products too while washing your hair and the right type of oils to condition your hair and give that extra nourishment that the scalp and hair needs to prevent hair falls and dandruff.

Please be careful if you are allergic  to any kind of oils or allergic to Vitamin E.Try checking out something else that might suit your scalp/hair.

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