Eyelash Style – Fierce


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Go Flawless and Fierce with stunning eyelashes!

Curate different and be ready to conquer world with fierce look.  Our pro collection of fierce lashes will make your eye look more bold and wiser than ever. When lashes are longer and fuller, they give you that confidence of Living world on your own terms. Why bury desires in heart? Go fierce and buy on those fake lashes! Every glamorous angel loves when she is being praised for extravagant efforts. Just like anything else, even having long and voluminous lashes is dream of every feminine heart, but only few own them.

The specially designed false fierce lash easily blends with your natural ones and doesn’t even irritate your skin. The long durability will withstand your hope of looking different and glamorous as and when you apply them. When you have them on you easily carry well your intense make up look.

The innovative point is that they are designed soft and weightless so you could fix them upon and get ready to look different every day. Right from formal presentations, grand party look or having on fun flirty night, the fierce lashes are perfect to fit well in all categories. Easy to adjust according to volume length of eye and trim it according to your needs. With instruments you could even gentle curl then up.  When you fix them on be ready to notice that bigger and brighter eyes after application. The lashes are so apt that they look natural even in the close photo shots or selfies.  Lashes are designed to give you that stunning head turning attention whenever you choose to wear them in your outings.

Our Lash store believes in designing innovative lashes and thus our fierce collection is completely unique and pair of lash gets delivered to you in a box. Right from the beginners to pro experts of fashion, this lengthy pair of lash will render well to needs of everyone. Incase if you feel the need of giving your multi-dimensional effect, you could even stack it up and make your look more modern.

If you are looking out for perfect everyday BFF to take that make up look to next level then our worthy collection will always stay high to your expectation. Depending on the care and application these lashes can always be reused. When applied with precision it would give you that voluminous look in just minutes.  Make a bold move with fierce lashes as they are super easy to apply. These lashes are perfect to add up that intensity and that extra drama that every feminine beauty admires. If you love bringing in that extra boldness to your eyes, this pair of lashes will easily render well your trends. Our pair of lash is most suitable for fashion story makers and trend setters.

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