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Queen doesn’t need to have drama unless she has perfect lashes. In a survey it is said that 70% of people notice eye first. If you have always dreamt of full, long and voluminous lashes then grabbing the pair is perfect option to transform your look from casual to glamorous one. With lashes it is convenient to augment the shape of natural eyes completely.

In putting up lashes there are efforts required but results are totally unmissable. Throughout the years; the fake lashes are made and believe us through new techniques they are light weighted and totally cruelty free. When you have placed lashes are ready to get stunned to get that transformational look that always desired for. Due to the light-weight nature they are not heavy on eyes and comfortably you can rely upon for dawn to dusk look.

Create that social vibe with our Farliesolomons Eyelash-style Party Animal

If appearing stunning and extravagant for that happening party and flirty look is playing hard on your mind then trying on lashes is all you got to do for kickass party look. All products designed by us are completely cruelty free and vegan. The appearance is just same like natural and sure to give that stunning look in minutes.  The feathery like appeal; the lashes comes to you in neat and clean box. These lashes are mostly suitable for people who have round face or almond shape face. In beauty regime where lashes are securing the top notch position; we have always rendered better and different. Easy to apply feature and remove after use is the need of hour, therefore our lashes are designed to give you interim perfect eye look in minutes. If required this pair of lashes could be easily curled according to your requirement.

If party plays hard on your mind then being glamorous is next step that will make special place in your heart. When you are all done with monotonous fake lashes, we recommend you to try our new Farliesolomons Eyelash style party animal look.

To give that extra edge of comfort our lashes are extremely light weighed and made to perfection.

How to do best application or removing lashes?

The technique of lashes depends on placing it right. In every time application you are expected to use gentle hands.

When you intend to remove the lashes don’t pull it. Just dab soaked cotton ball that has make up remover or coconut oil, olive oil and then take a call of removing it.

In order to prevent any kind of wear and tear, when you have applied lashes don’t rub your eyes or don’t touch your face again and again.

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