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Different Styles of Lashes Around Us

Eyelashes have the most impressive ability to transform your face from a not so good to a great look. In fact, eyelashes are one of the few kinds of female body hair that make it to the good book category rather than the bad eliminating one. Long, voluminous, and dark black eyelashes are always noticed in the crowd, which might lack for not so expressive eyelashes. As it is always said that our eyes are the door to our inner soul, so beautifying our eyelashes are a must to bring out the inner beauty of the soul to the observers.

Fake Vs. original

While an original pair of eyelashes give you a natural look of existence, a fake or false pair might fail to do so. As the name suggests, false lashes look really false on your face and can be easily made out, but on the other hand, they also add a lot of drama to your face. A good pair of falsies lifts and opens your eyes, adds volume to your lashes, hides all the gaps, and makes you look far sexier than natural lashes. To avoid the false look, one can easily go for eyelash extension these days, that not only brings life to your eyes and make you look beautiful but also gives you long lustrous lashes naturally.

Latest trends of eyelashes

This young generation is going gaga over a good pair of eyelashes, and doing so, most of them try out or even follow many recent trends for that matter. While some look really cool and trendy, others look pretty weird and overdone to the eyes of the seeker. Some latest trends of an eyelash that are hugely popular and mostly followed these days include curly eyelashes, white eyelashes, rainbow eyelashes, hybrid eyelashes, 3D eyelashes, mermaid eyelashes, jewelled eyelashes, neon lashes, feather eyelashes, half lashes, brunette lashes, clumpy lashes, accessorized lashes, etc.

Coloured eyelashes

Coloured lashes are one of the most popular and trending fashions of this era. Rainbow hues like shades of red, blue, green, yellow, orange, violet, etc. are used to experiment and brighten your make upped look. It not only gives you a dramatic look but also adds volume and depth to your fashionable look. The neon-coloured lashes are also quite in, in this fashion world. These colours add a vibrant and festive touch of elegance to your look. In fact, by adding just a hint of colour to your lashes, you can actually rock the world of fashion. 

Glitter eyelashes

One of the popular and trendy choices of eyelashes is the glitter eyelashes. The best way to apply these stellar looking eyelashes is by adding a lot of glitter mascara. And to maximize the effect, you can use a black or a clear mascara gel as a base and top them with the irritable glitter touch. One can also go for false glitter extensions.

Black eyelashes

Black false eyelashes are the most demanded because of its natural finish. The lashes look real and give a very nice voluminous and beautiful look. As the lashes are black in colour, so it defines your eye in a much more natural way. Another way to achieve thick black eyelashes is to apply dense mascara. Mascara’s are very much in trend to create a nice voluminous and uplifted eyelash look. There are various kinds of mascara in the market each to fulfil a different purpose, such as to create dramatic eyes or to make it look naturally uplifted. There are also waterproof, and non-waterproof mascara’s available in the market.

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